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Real Madrid announces Eden Hazard’s 10th injury in less than 2 years



Real Madrid announces Eden Hazard's 10th injury in less than 2 years

As a footballer, to excel, fitness is key. A talented player who is not physically fit will not fulfill his potentials. Real Madrid haven’t bought a player in the last 3 transfer windows but they have been selling, when an important/dependable player who is supposed to carry the team is injured then, it tells on the team’s performance.

Eden Hazard moved to Real Madrid in 2019 but his move to the Spanish Capital has been more of a nightmare than success. Eden Hazard is definitely talented but his illnesses have made people call him a flop.

Since joining the Galaticos, Hazard has been declared injured/ill no less than 10 times. At the moment, a muscle injury on the Rectus Femoris of his left leg has been announced by the Spanish Club and this is happening in less than 2 years.

Hazard never had this recurrent injury problems at Chelsea, is he finding it hard adapting to the Spanish atmosphere? Anytime he is declared fit, it shows that he is still the talented player we know but the sad news is that it doesn’t just last.

Messi at a time was getting regularly injured at Barcelona but they fixed it. Did Real Madrid run at a loss in buying Hazard or they need to be patient all the more.

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