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EPL: It Is Costing Us” – Kepa Explains Chelsea’s Problems But Excludes Himself



EPL: It Is Costing Us” – Kepa Explains Chelsea’s Problems But Excludes Himself

Arrizabalaga chose to attribute blame to external factors the morning after his team performed poorly and he himself was partially responsible for conceding two goals.

This has raised questions about his judgment and whether he fully understands the impact of his comments on the team’s morale and the fans’ perception of the team.

The criticism of Arrizabalaga is not new, as he has faced scrutiny over his performance on the pitch and his handling of off-field situations in the past.

However, with the team’s current struggles and the pressure mounting on the players, his comments have taken on greater significance and could further damage the team’s reputation if not handled carefully.

As Chelsea looks to turn their season around and regain their form, it is crucial that all members of the team remain focused and united.

Any comments or actions that could undermine this unity must be avoided, and players must be aware of the impact that their words and actions can have on the team’s overall performance.

For Arrizabalaga, it is important that he learns from this situation and becomes more aware of the impact of his words on his team and the fans.

As a professional footballer, he has a responsibility to represent the team with dignity and respect, and to do everything he can to help them succeed.

It is also confusing that he claimed “the players are the first to be responsible” while also pointing fingers at external factors.

“The players are the first to be responsible,” He said.

“There have been three changes of coach, there have been changes in the squad during the season and it is costing us,” he added.

The root cause of Chelsea’s problems, Kepa, is having a goalkeeper who is unable to make basic saves and a team that refuses to take responsibility for their own mistakes.

It is evident to all that the team’s lack of cohesion is being negatively impacted by changes in both the playing staff and management.

However, if the previous players had been performing well, there would have been no necessity to acquire new ones, and the team could have achieved better results, which might have prevented the need for three changes in management

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